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Bagalamukhi Bija Mantra

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bagalamukhi Ma

Guruvaani on Shri Maa Bagalamukhi
From Sadhana Siddhi Vigyan, April 2005

Ganesha implored and prayed Maa Peetambara at Mahavidhyasharam.
“Oh mother goddess! The one that has golden hair, and a golden vermillion in her hair, looking at us with her eyes that has golden lashes and golden eyebrows, the mother that is seated on golden throne, the supreme mother adorned with gold ornaments… Oh divine mother who is atop a golden chariot, the one that lives in a gold palace and whose aura is golden and her complexion is golden, the one laden with gold and oh mother your smile is also golden. Oh my charming mother… allow me to be a golden Ganesha of yours. Feed me your golden milk; give me the golden fruits and gold laddoos. Make me your gilded son oh mother….

And as he finished, Maa Peetambara was so pleased that she blessed Ganesha with a golden aura and complexion. He was soon clad in peetambar (yellow cloth), he was eating golden laddoos and Riddhi (Wealth) & Siddhi (Skill) both clad in yellow clothes and amazing gold ornaments; were seated next to him. Third energy Buddhi (Intellect) also came to him and attached herself with Ganesha permanently. Thus Shri Haridra Ganesha (yellowy like turmeric) emerged in Valga Mandalam.

Ganesha then implored the supreme mother to create the celestial chart of his life. He requested the mother Shri Maa Bagalamukhi to create golden Mahadasha, Golden Antardasha and Golden Pratyantardasha. Gilded Rahu-Ketu-Mangal, Golden Venus, all planets and planetary positions to be made golden. Golden planets looking the work, luck and birth plans. Golden words may flow from his mouth. The celestial golden pen to write his birth chart, Ganesha implored Shri Maa Bagalamukhi to bless him soon.

Shri Maa Bagalamukhi obliged and she told Shri Haridra Ganesha that “Whoever worships you; they will obtain whatever they ask for – that too very fast and quickly. Those whose golden phase of life is about to begin, will start to worship Shri Haridra Ganesha.”

The narration above I mentioned “Fast and Quickly” this is the forte of Shri Maa Bagalamukhi – she is speedy and swift. She obliges in minutes. She can solve problems and calamities that are complex and not the present birth – those which are applicable in births prior and further to this one; even those problems and knots & bonds are solved and broken by Shri Maa Bagalamukhi. Those who are after you; those malevolent deeds and experiments and scandals that are imposed upon your name and those enemies that are difficult to get rid of; are demolished in minutes by Shri Maa Bagalamukhi.

In the Great Weapons Era the entire universe was Weapon centric. Aadi Parashuram was grinding his mega axe; Shree Ram was adorned with his now and arrows. Raavan was howling with his Chandrahaas Axe. Aadi Rudra was running amok with a Trident. Aadi MahaKali was dancing with skull and sword in her hand. Yoginis were roaring with axes and swords in their hands. Aadi Karthikeyan was flying with his power and Aadi Indra was preparing is Vajra. Aadi Shree Krishna was playing with his Sudarshan Chakra and all the goddesses had mace, swords, snakes, shields and daggers in their hands.

Demons were making weapons of bones and skulls. Animals and birds were using theirbills, beaks, tails, paws and fangs as weapons. Humans were using their limbs in wrestling. Whatever one could lay their hand on, made a weapon out of it. Sages were using thought forms and Yagnik’s (those who utilize sacred fire pit) were using the sacred fire. The warlocks were casting spells and some even using rays of the Sun as a weapon. The Varuna God of the Wind had turned into a twister. Even Megh, the god of rains; was tormenting the earth in form of torrents. Asteroids were moving away from their paths and clashing into each others. Comets were wracking havoc on planets. So many types of weapons, arms and armaments had come into existence that even the supreme creator Bramha was terrified and he sat in solitary seclusion along with Vishnu. They started praying Bhagawati Tripur Sundari. As they went along in their worship, the celestial turmeric dewpond was being filled with a living throbbing energy field. That gave birth to a supreme Goddess that has innumerable hands and supreme reach. The Goddess took away all the weapons, arm and armaments from everyone and everything. The weapons were given small and miniature minute form. The usage of weapon was considered evil and harmful and a penalty was imposed on. Here is how the disarmament of the universe began. Vaishnav thought process began.

Thanks to Mother Goddess Valga imposed various rules and the majesty and magnificence of arms were introduced. This is how weapons research was contained. Armaments were made scarce for everyone, as weapons are a way to self discrimination and self destruction.

This is the golden age of the universe. Maa Bagala saves us from hurtling weapons. She is the ultimate thought form (Kritya). She eliminates and consumes all the physical, astral and spiritual weaponry that are against us.

Worship of Maa Valga is a complete science. She is a part of Shree Vidhya Kula. Any follower that worships Maa Valga develops a protective inner power within him self / herself. The dreaded weapons of diseases, pathos, separation anxiety never enters this person’s body. Impure thoughts and impure learning are unlearned. You know many times impure thoughts and impure activities invade out heart and mind, contaminated thoughts, impure acts, polluted environment and polluted food and drink enters our body; that leads to bodily diseases and psychosomatic diseases. Dermatological problems like severe itch and scratch, eczema are impure diseases. Attacking, kidnap of minors and women, theft, consuming narcotics, adultery are all worst routes to self destruction and Mother Goddess Valga saves us from all these. Curse, impure deeds, acts and annoyance are kept at by when one worships Maa Valga. Sh3e is the one that propagated clean environment in Eternal Universe and she is the one that can do it. Her target is cleaning of impurities of heart as well as mind and propagating pure Sanatana Dharma.

(Article on Maa Bagalamukhi by Gurudev Shri Sudarshan Nathji)

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Baby Can I Hold You - Tracy Chapman

This is a beautiful song from American contemporary folk singer Tracy Chapman.

Same song by Irish band group Boyband Boyzone released with the cover of "Baby Can I Hold You" and became more popular than the original one.

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Changing Partners - Patti Page

We were waltzing together,
To a dreamy melody
When they called out, "change partners"
And you waltzed away from me
Now my arms feel so empty,
As I gaze around the floor
And I'll keep on changing partners
Till I hold you once more

Though we danced for one moment
And too soon, we had to part
In that wonderful moment,
Something happened to my heart
So I'll keep changing partners
Till your in my arms, and then
Oh my darling, I will never
Change partners again

Though we danced for one moment,
And too soon, we had to part
In that wonderful moment,
Something happened to my heart
So I'll keep changing partners
Till your in my arms, and then
Oh my darling, I will never
Change partners again

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Baglamukhi Sadhna

Baglamukhi is the goddess of power to destroy the enemy, of black magic, of poisons. She rules over the subtle perception which make us feel at a distance the death or miseries of those we know. She incites men to torture one another. She revels in suffering. Though the procedure to perform the ritual is being given it is advised to perform the same under the guidance of Revered Gurudev Swami Bhaneshwaranand after receiving Baglamukhi Deexa..

Bagala or Bagalamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya in the famous series of the 10 Mahavidyas,Kali , Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshvari, Chhinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagala, Matangi and Kamala. She is identified with the second night of courage, and is the power of Shakti or cruelty.

Bagalamukhi rules magic for the suppression of an enemy's gossip. These enemies also have an inner meaning, and the peg she puts through the tongue may be construed as a peg or paralysis of our own prattling talk. She rules deceit, which is at the heart of most speech. She can in this sense be considered as a terrible or Bhairavi form of Matrika Devi, the mother of all speech. .

Hymn to Bagalamukhi

Obeisance to Shri Ganesha: Obeisance to Shri Radhakrishna

Om. Of this Hymn of Shri Bagala Mukhi, Bhagavan Narada is the rishi. The aspect of divinity is Bagalamukhi. The destruction by paralysis of one's enemies' speech, mouth, legs, mind, and the grace of Shri Bagalamukhi in the success of this aim is fruit of the mantra's application.

Om Hrim obeisance to the thumbs. Om Bagalamukhi to the index fingers Svaha. Of all the bad to the middle fingers Vashat. Om speech, mouth, feet, paralyses to the ring fingers Hum. Om peg! peg! The tongue! to the little fingers Vaushat. Destroy the mind! Hlim Om Svaha to the·front and the back of the hands Phat. Thus also in the heart and so forth. Now the meditation: Seated on a gold throne, with three eyes, wearing yellow, blissful, with limbs as bright as pure gold, wearing a garland of champaka flowers, with the moon as her diadem, with her hands holding a hammer, and a noose which binds the enemy; her limbs arrayed with jewels, in this way I meditate on Bagalamukhi, the All-Paralyser of the Three Worlds. Now the Mantra: Om Hvlim Bagalamukhi Paralyse the Speech, Mouth and Feet of all enemies: Nail down, Nail down the tongue. Destroy the mind. Hvlim Om Svaha.

Om. I worship Devi surrounded by yellow, wearing yellow clothes, jewel and unguent and ornaments, seated on the lion throne on a dais within a ruby pavilion in the center of the wine ocean, Who bears a hammer and binds the tongue of the enemy. The Devi who has seized the tongue and so forth of the enemies with her left hand, and who with her right hand hammers them, with yellow garments and with two arms -- her I worship.

Om. Wearing glittering gold earrings, merged in bliss, with a beautiful face and lovely breasts; radiant as bright gold, her face effulgent as the full moon. I meditate on Bagalamukhi, who with her hammer has killed my adversary, his unsteady rolling tongue having been pegged; the all pervading paralyser of speech and mind; who is seated on the corpses and skulls of one's fallen enemies, (their remains forming the base) for her lion throne in the pavilion in the center of a beautiful blossoming red lotus in the midst of the nectar-milk ocean. She bears a hammer, is as radiant as gold, causing woe to the places of the enemy.Whosoever meditates thus causes instant death to all humans (who are enemies.)

Whosoever should worship Devi's lotus feet devotedly, giving yellow flowers with his left hand, that mantrin's mantra becomes successful.

Whosoever wishes to subdue by the bija (mantra) should do the pitha meditation (i.e. on the red lotus). Remembering that. His enemy's mouth, speech and heart are paralysed, he causes this instantly.

Hail to you every day O Proclaimer, Speechless One, Beggar, Ruler of Earth, Cosmos and Men, Cool One, Cruel' One, Reconciling One, Wicked One, True Mother, Giving Success Quickly, Lame One, Proud One, Crippled One, All-Exterminator, Dull One, having-the' Yantra of all Yantras, O Shri Eternal Bagalamukhi, O Beautiful One:

Whosoever, knowing her mantra, should recite this hymn which crushes enemies in front of her yantra becomes the conqueror of the three worlds and renowned.

Hail to Mother Shri Bagala Lalita, Who is the Seizer of the Speech of the multitude of named people, the Paralyser of the Tongues of the Eloquent, the Appeaser of Terrifying Obstacles, Paralyser of the Evil, Dispeller of Poverty, Calmer of Cruel Kings, Pacifier-of the Mind trembling with anxiety like the deer, Attractor of Good Fortune, Merciful, Pure, Nectar-Like, Who causes cessation of Death and Murder, O Beauteous Mother.'

Mother, shatter my enemies' speech and their (wagging of) tongues. Peg their wet mouths! Destroy them entirely.! Paralyse all terrible things in the three worlds! Grind them to powder O Devi! Furiously beat them O Bagala, Golden limbed One, clothed in yellow, destroy the mind and lives of the mass of obstacles with one glance of your merciful large eyes:

O Mother-Bhairavi, Bhadra-Kali, Vijaya, Varahi, Vishva, Shraya, Shri Vidya, Maheshi, Bagala, Kameshi, Ram, Matangi, Tripura, Above All, Guardian of Heaven, Giver of Things, I am Your servant seeking refuge in You, Lady of the Cosmos! Protect me in war and in battle. Whosoever reads this auspicious text (whether) in the thick of war, in assemblies of thieves, in conflicts, in jail, on water, in magical attack, in litigation, in facing a king's wrath, at the time of an ordeal, at night, in fetters or in paralysis, in the slaughter of battle amongst enemies, in a desert, or in a forest, or at any time, becomes steady. Whosoever reads this pure hymn having offered to the yantra and who wears it on the right wrist or round the neck is protected in war.

Kings, floods, elephant’ blind with rutting rage, serpents, lions, and the hosts of enemies are confused, and one becomes wealthy, steady and accomplished. You are the supreme vidya, the Mother of the Three Worlds, Splitter of the Host of Obstacles, the Cause of Attracting Young Maidens, Augmenter of Bliss in the Three Worlds, Uprooter of the Wicked, Deluder of the Minds of People, the Bhairavi Who' pegs the tongue, Conqueror of all Mantra, Cause of Accomplishment in Knowledge, Wealth, all Good Fortune, Long Life, Sons, Daughters, Sovereignty Giver of Inner Happiness, giving Freedom from Fever, Cheerfulness, Victory on Earth. Obeisance and Obeisance to You.'

Having done this act of recitation, O Parameshvari, I am the seizer and punisher of the wicked. This Sacred and Reliable Hymn is renowned throughout the Three Worlds.

One should never give this to those who are not devoted to the guru. One should meditate on she who has two arms, wears yellow garments, with three eyes, a body of effulgence, holding in her hands chisel and hammer, the Bagalamukhi.


Mukh ra Kaan Bhet Bho Ki - Music and Vocal by Yaman Shrestha, Lyrics by Madan Krishna Shrestha

मुख र कान भेट भो की - मदनकृष्ण श्रेष्ठ