Friday, January 30, 2009

New Google

Thesedays, Google is a synonyms for search engine. People say googling for search in the internet. Many new innovative (not sure how innovative they are though) search engines are showing their existence in the market. 

Today, I received an email from SONSIK yahoo group member mentioning that the search engines that we are mostly using Google and Yahoo, there is a new searching engine promoting by Nepalese. The mail requested to try the search engine. I tried it and searched some stuffs too. I read the About Us column. It seems that basically the search engine is operating from US. It has offices in both country US and India. The promoters are seems to be Nepalese and Indian origin. The official blog is written in January 28, 2009, looks pretty new. 

The name of the search engine is given Sagoon. Although the GOO of Sagoon looks like taken from Google, it’s not true. It’s derived from Sanskrit which means Auspicious or ushering good results. In News section there are two language changing options – Nepali and Hindi. It can be assumed that this search engine is targeted to the Nepali and Indian users. History shows that Google and Yahoo are not big success in non-english speaking countries like China and Korea. So this search engine can be very popular as a regional search engine. 

The founder of the company Sagoon Inc. Govinda mentions in the blog that it’s the beginning of their journey, a journey with bigger challenge. Of course, as there are many Big Bosses in search engine industries occupying large market shares already, it might be challenging for Sagoon. 

Anyway, finger crossed to Sagoon team for their success.

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