Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why people are not interested in online shopping in Nepal?

People do online shopping, (at least in my case), for cheaper price and convenience. However, in Nepal, cheaper price is not the case.

I do not want to argue about this. However, I took some snapshots of traditional offline market "Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board’s retail  prices (I am talking about RETAIL prices, wholesale prices are way cheaper, check here) and recently opened Metro Tarkari’s price list check here.

Yesterday (2015-06-22)'s retail price of (Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board)

The vegetables and fruits in Metro Tarkari’s online store are overpriced. Not slightly, but more than three times. Check the apple’s price NRs350.00/kg, where as you can buy apple in NRs 110/kg in Kalimati's (offline) retail store. Similarly, Water Melon’s price is more than 2 times than the Kalimati’s maximum price.

You can see the price in today’s date in the following table. These prices are the cheapest in Metro Tarkari (check the pictures below the table as well, some varieties are available with expensive price) and highest price (maximum price) in the Kalimati’s retail market.

Metro Tarkari’s
(price after discount)
(maximum retail price)
Bitter Gourd (करेला)
रु. 65.00 / kg

Bottle Gourd (लौका)
रु. 63.00 / kg
Brinjal (लामो भान्टा)
रु. 64.00 / kg

Cauliflower(लोकल काउली )

रु. 95.00 / kg

Water Melon (खर्भुजा)

रु. 75.00 / kg

Apple Fuji (फुजी स्याउ )

रु. 350.00 / kg

Grapes (अङ्गुर)
रु. 275.00 / kg

 Metro Tarkari’s prices (including discount prices) of varieties of Apples. The cheapest apple is NRs 350/kg. There is a kind of apple with NRs 2500/kg, I do not know what kind of apple is that. I have never seen/heard such expensive apple in Nepal. 

Cheapest grapes is 275/kg, it is 180/kg in Kalimati. 

In Kalimati Water Melon is 30/kg (2.5 times cheaper than this price).

Yesterday (2015-06-22)'s retail price of (Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board)

I did not buy anything yet from any online store in Nepal. Therefore I cannot compare the price of other online retailers. 

I like to promote e-business in Nepal, however I DO NOT recommend this store to anybody. Today, I wanted to buy something form online market and came across to this online store. The excessively overpriced products might be one of the reasons why people are not buying online in Nepal.

I hope these stores sell in cheaper price or in similar price as in the offline market. 


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