Thursday, February 28, 2008

Visiting Nepali Embassy in Korea

Today I visited Nepali Embassy in Korea. Before arriving there, I was thinking about general layout of the embassy. I thought that it's one/two room office with 2-3 staffs. Surprised, it's a building seems like some small foreign diplomatic mission in Nepal. It's a 2 story building with 2-3 rooms in each floor. Well furnished and having few staffs including Koreans.

I found the staffs were co-operative. I visited embassy to extend Srijana's visa, as her professor denied to extend it. Mr. Khanal, chief of the embassy (I don't know what's his post), I found him very generous person. He called to Srijan's advisor professor and requested to extend her visa.

I talked to Mr. Khannal for 20 minutes. He asked me, my experience in Korean companies, payments and benifits. He talked about his relatives who wanna come to Korea. It was a nice talk.

Srijana finally called her professor, he agreed to extend her visa. We thanked staffs of the embassy and came back.

A nice experience.

* Above picture is the map of the embassy to get there.

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