Monday, October 21, 2013

Plagiarism!! Somebody published others published work in IEEE conference

I was looking for reference papers for my research. Suddenly, I have seen “Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication Principles” before of the article name I was looking for. 
I opened the link and read the IEEE notice, because I have already read the article 3-4 years ago.
I was curious about how much they copied from the original one. I opened both articles that have same title name and read the contents. The authors, three associate professors from three different institutions, copied almost everything, including FULL STOPS and COMMAS from the previously published paper. 

What they changed in the whole article are 2-3 sentences in the abstract and authors’ names and affiliation.

Off course, they deleted acknowledgement and few references.

The funny thing is the authors who plagiarized did not even read the full texts. For example, the original paper was published in 2008 and in the last paragraph of the conclusion it is written that “Our objective is to promote the development of the technology by providing significant theoretical results and associated simulations in the relevant areas and by delivering a proof of concept scheduled by year 2010.”
Same sentence is there when the plagiarizer published the paper in 2011.

Here are the links of those two articles.

Original one:

Bertrand Mercier et al., “Sensor Networks for Cognitive Radio: Theory and System Design,” ICT MobileSummit 2008.

Copied one:

A.Venkata Reddy, E.Rama Krishna, P.Mahipal Reddy, “Sensor Networks for Cognitive Radio: Theory and System Design,” the 2011 3rd International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology (ICECT), Vol. 3, pp. 229 – 233, 2011.

Surprisingly, who copied the original paper is a Professor!!! What in the earth he will teach to his student?

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