Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What to do when MathType equations appear raised above the baseline in Microsoft Word 2007/2010?

When you work with some word templates for manuscript, especially old version of word template, you face this problem. The equations appear raised above the baseline. 
Because of this issue I usually use LaTex, but some journal accept manuscript only in Microsoft Word document.

I was suffering from this issue. I googled and tried several suggestions. Even I read MathType’s technical notice. They have written, it’s a bug in Microsoft Word. 

I found that many researchers who prepare their manuscripts in Microsoft Word have this issue.

After few tries, I found a solution. In HomeParagraphAsian TypographyText alignment.

Select either of one by hit and trial method Top/Center/Baseline/Bottom. See the figure.


Bob Mathews said...

You mentioned the Design Science article about this, but what you didn't mention is that this article provides a work-around that directly addresses the issue. The issue is that Word incorrectly applies a Lowered property to the characters that follow an equation. Our article describes a proper workaround -- that is, removing the Lowered property so the characters are at the proper level. Changing how the system deals with Asian fonts won't do that, and even if it does seem to work, it won't work for those who don't have Asian fonts installed & enabled.

SteveL said...

The Design Science workaround no longer works, at least not in my document (2016).