Friday, March 14, 2008

I don’t know why I paid penalty.

Yesterday I went to change my visa status from IT Professional visa (E-7 visa) to Student Visa (D-2) visa. The Immigration Officer asked me to pay fine first. The reason he said, I need to pay penalty is the admission letter issued from university is on December 14, 2007. The fine was so huge that I confused. I came back to the university and told the entire story to my advisor professor; he called many places and tried to solve the problem but all in vain.

It was the last day to transfer money to the University’s a/c for admission fee. Fail to do so may disqualify to enter in spring 2008. I was so worried; fortunately, I received a call from Immigration office with good news. The immigration officer said I can change visa with small penalty.

Today I visited Immigration office and paid penalty and changed visa type. But still I didn’t understand what was the penalty for. I had a valid visa for 8 more months. I worked in the company until last month and came to school early this month. I visited immigration office and cancelled my IT Professional visa before few days, I got admission letter from the university day before yesterday and I went to immigration office. I attended class only in this week. I don’t know what my fault is.
Anyway, the problem is solved for now. I am happy that I can focus in my research now.

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