Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lab MT - Falling down more than 20 times while learning ski

Day before yesterday I went to ski with entire members of our lab to a ski resort called Oak Valley. We skied for 8 hours including night skiing. Now I am feeling pain all over my body. I fall down more than 20 times. By mistake, I didn’t lock my shoes, so it’s slightly loose that is the reason why I fall down several times. However, it’s a nice experience. I enjoyed a lot. I am worried now not because I have pain in my body but I have to go to Australia for presentation, I didn't prepare for my presentation.

Kazi, Jonayed (Bangaladesh), me, Prof. and doughter, Dawun (Korea), Farruh (Uzbekisthan) and Deoksu (Korea) from left to right

Deoksu, Kazi, me, Key young, Farruh and Jonayed

Deoksu, me and Farruh

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