Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A day in Singapore with Chinese friend

Regardless of work area, I am more in touch with people from my own geographical region. However, I have many friends from many countries. I could say from all the continents where ever people live. 

Near the City Hall in Singapore

This time I got a chance to spend one day (in 2009-02-11) in Singapore with a friend who is a friend of mine in my university. Jin Cheng, a Chinese friend who is pursuing PhD in NTU, one of the best universities in Singapore. He is working in microwave circuit design under the Indian professor who has graduated from IIT. 

Mr. Cheng came to meet me in the Changi airport. No doubt, he is excellent in Chinese which is a well known language in Singapore and around 70% of people are ethical Chinese. Since the very beginning, I heard that it’s not good to do shopping without Chinese fellow in Singapore. I had nothing much to buy but a dual SIM (GSM + CDMA) cell phone for my brother who is working in a telecom company and fan of cell phones, keeps 2 cell phones – CDMA and GSM. I tried to get such a phone in Singapore’s best electronics shopping mall called Lucky Plaza. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find such a phone. Yes, I found one by Samsung company but that had dual SIM slot but both for GSM. I had a bitter experience of hunting phone in several outlets. I also tried in Motorolla’s stall, just front of the gate in the first floor, but the sales person said it’s not possible to buy CDMA in Singapore, coz. in Singapore, they have only GSM network. I surprised, although Singapore is a hub for shopping in Asia, especially for electronics gadgets. I decided to give up and hangout around rather than finding camera and I did the same. I visited China town, City hall, Merlion (mascot of Singapore), The Civilian War Memorial (dedicated to the civilians who lost their lives in the World War II, during the Japanese occupation) etc. 

A famous church in Singapore.

World's heighest rollercoster in inset.

Cheng and me, Merlion in the background.

Although, it was short stay, it was a great lifetime experience to me. Thank you Mr. Cheng for being all the time to walk around Singapore.

War memorial in Singapore.

China Town in Singapore.

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