Friday, April 5, 2013

Job for Electronics/Communication/Computer/IT Engineers in Samsung

Where: Samsung Electronics, South Korea,
Type: Full-time
Desired Skills & Experience : The ideal candidate will have 8+ years of development experience, knowledge about wireless network protocols and deployment of network software for Linux, ,Android, Windows systems.
Excellent software design, problem solving, and debugging skills.
Experience with system level understanding on Wi-Fi drivers

MS or Ph.D. is preferred
8+ of professional work experience as a software or system engineer

Position Summary: Senior/Principle Software Engineer

Currently, the Software R&D Center is looking for an expert in the software development area to secure and expand Samsung’s unique core technologies. As a Senior or Principle Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and developing the core techniques to enhance the performance of the wireless network. This includes, service discovery, transport protocol, congestion control, etc.. Specific experience in enhancing the performance of wifi system and proficiency in network protocol is necessary.


As a Network performance technical engineer, you will have responsibilities of applying the performance enhancement related with Wi-Fi MAC, congestion control, rate adaptation, efficient transport protocol for the various media types, device and service discovery protocols etc.

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