Friday, April 12, 2013

Some of the Today's Fraud/Scam Letters in My Inbox

I received these letters from Scamers. Be careful with these frauds. 

-----Fraud Letter-1 -----

From: Wang Shu []
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2013 5:24 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Good day friend,

This is a personal email directed to you for your consideration alone, I request that it remain and be treated as such only. Please bear with me for now and do not ask my name. I am a banker with one of the Hong Kong leading bank here in Hong Kong.

I have an interesting business proposal for you that will be of immense benefit to both of us. Although this may be hard for you to believe, we stand to gain $6,500.000.00 between us in a matter of days. Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out. I need you to signify your interest by replying to this email 

Most importantly, I will need you to promise to keep whatever you learn from me between us even if you decide not to go along with me. I will make more details available to you on receipt of a positive response from you.

Warm regards from Hong Kong. 

----- Fraud Letter -2 -----

 From: matilda najao []
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 7:53 PM
Subject: please get back to me

Email From Mrs.Matilda
Accra Ghana

Hello Dear,

Do read and help, let us put a smile to the faces of the needy out there in your locality.

I am the former Mrs. Marian Najao, now Mrs. Matilda Najao, a widow to late sheik Mohammed Najao, I am 49 years old, I am suffering from long time cancer of the breast.From all indications my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that I won't live more than six months according to my doctors.This is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage. My late husband was killed during the U.S raid against terrorism in Afghanistan,and during the period of our marriage we could not produce any child.

My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his businesses and wealth.The doctor has advised me that I may not live for more than six months, so I now decided to distribute all our wealth, for you to help distribute and help develop any orphanage home you may find in your area,before the death of my husband our plan was to have our wealth distribute to the following countries,Africa, America, Asia and Europe. and now I have selected your to help in achieving this visiting your country's website.

If you accept to this l am willing! to donate the sum of $9 million U.S dollars on your name for you to help distribute this fund to the less privileges in your area.Please I want you to know that this fund is lying in a bank now and upon my instruction, my attorney shall see to it that the Bank transfer the fund to any account of your choice, but before l instruct the Bank for the transfer , you will have to assure me that you will invest this money wisely, in making sure that you use the money for the establishment of new orphanage homes and the home for the old people who can not feed and take care of themselves.

I am counting on your assurance and agreement , to achieve the desires and the wishes of my family since sickness and death has been a hindrance for us to accomplish our plans for the needy..

am looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you and have a nice day

Mrs. Matilda

----- Fraud Letter -3 -----

Sent: Friday, April 12, 2013 12:11 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Congratulations you are a winner!!! For more more information
about us view the attached file or contact us by E-mail
{ } or 00447010035180

----- Fraud Letter -4 -----

From: Aley Alans []
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 4:09 PM
Subject: PROJECTS.

Good Afternoon .

I would like to enter a cordial discussion with you for a possible areas of good investments in your country .

I will give you further details when i read from you.

I wait your reply .

Thank you.
Aley Alan.

----- Fraud Letter -5 -----

From: Mrs Debra Bessey []
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2013 2:56 AM
To: undisclosed recipients:

Hello My Dear!

How are you today? The Board of federal ministry of finance Benin Republic is hereby to notify you of your payment inheritance funds of US $2.8million after the meeting held on 8th of April 2013 .

I don't know if you are still using this email address as I just deposited sum of (US$2.8M) to Western Union Money Transfer Office under care of Mr. Joseph Edward, The Western Union General Manager and I told him that you will be sending him mail with your full information where he will be sending your money on daily basis at rate of US$5,000.00 till the total sum of US$2.800, 000.00M is complete at your hands.

Note: that you will require to pay them sum of $155.00 only, for their transfer charges fee before they will start sending your daily payment of $5000.00 per a day , please quickly Contact him here with your name and address where he will start sending your money:

Contact Person: Mr. Joseph Edward, The Western Union Manager.
Contact Phone#: +229 990 242 40
Contact E-mail: ( )

These are the information you have to fill and send to them.
Full Name.............
Phone number.......
Copy of your ID..........

You can contact them above required information so that they will send your payment direct to you with your correct address. Hope to hear from you as soon as you got all your total funds of $2.8m from the western union department.
Thanks for your patience.

Mrs.Debra Bessey.

----- Fraud Letter -6 -----

시간: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 23:25:16 +0900
Dear Friend,
Complement of the day to you and your love ones I hope my email will arrive to you at good time. My name is Dr. Abbaas Zahid A-Basaq from Damascus Syria. I am now 64 years old and retired. I was former personal investor & financial consultant advisers to a Top Politician here in SYRIA. Why I'm contacting you is to know if we can have a personal conversation. Whatever truth you may brief me will be highly recommended. Tell me more about your country, how good it will be to invest in your country. Such as buying of properties, or real estate and some tourist places or any profitable investment venture that will yield good profit. I will appreciate whatever result you may brief me. Do let me know your idea and knowledge regarding this or any other profitable investment venture you may suggest.

I have the total of US$22,300,000.00 that I deposited in South east Asia and I am willing to order the transfer of the money to you for investment if you’re interested with my proposal. In my next mail I will explain the full details of the project and interest, and then we reach an agreement on what will be your share from the money or investment. I shall tell you more about myself when I read from you. You may as well tell me little more about yourself when replying. Waiting for your reply.

Thanks and best regards, Dr. Abbaas. Damascus,Syria: 6:15 AM.

----- Fraud Letter -7-----

제목: Can you be trusted to execute this project with me?
시간: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 17:38:08 +0900

Hi, My name is Mr.John Obi,i am a financial consultant and banker with
Fidelity Bank Plc.I want you to handle this funds (US$65.5Million),this is a
contract investment fund of Late Mr. Kirsten Windus deposited with Fidelity
Bank Plc.
can you be trusted to execute this project with me? Please kindly get back
to me with your information :

YOUR FULL NAME ............
YOUR ADDRESS...............
If you can be trusted,reply urgently to enable me give you more secret
I await your prompt response.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. John Obi

----- Fraud Letter -8 -----

제목: Lottery Winner.
시간: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 00:11:51 +0900

Dear Lucky Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Coca-Cola Online season Winners International
programs held on the 3rd April,2013. Your E-mail address attached to ticket #:538-6064-31, with prize #:52-418-042, drew $1,500,000.00 which was in the 2nd category of the draws. You are to receive $1,500,000.00 (One Million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).This program is in conjunction with Australian, British and European Governments and the Coca-Cola bottling company International.

Because of mix up in cash pay-outs, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your winning prize ($1,500,000.00) is fully remitted to you by our accredited pay-point bank. You are advised to adhere to this instruction so as to forestall the abuse of this program by other participants.

Send them the following informations:
(i) Your name.
(ii) Contact telephone
(iii) Contact Address.
(iv) Your ticket and prize numbers.
(v) Quote amount won.
(vi) Notification date.


Contact Person: Mr.Dennis Karpes
Tlp: +447031935771
Tlp/Fax: +447031937560

Congratulation once again from the Coca Cola Online Award Department.

Yours in service,
Dr. Chris Martin.
Coca-cola Lottery Co-ordinator.

----- Fraud Letter -9 -----

시간: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 09:58:16 +0900

Syrian American Council
P.O. Box 371
Willow Springs, IL 60480
Good day,

My name is Ishtar Sargon Mohammed from Syria. I got your contact address from your country's business journal.
Please I would like you to help me and my Son to invest there in your country, if you are willing to help
us and see to the investment, please notify us by email or send your phone number in order for us to
let you know all the modalities, Please reply to the above email address. The problem is too much for us. please i will like you to reply me on my private email: or

Thanks and God Bless.
Best Regard
Mr. Ishtar Sargon Mohammed.{Father}

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----- Fraud Letter -10 -----

제목: From
시간: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 13:28:34 +0900

Dear Sir,

I am Mr.Khaled Rateb of Syria former personal assiatance to late Gen, Daoud Rajiha,from Syria, due to the war in my country Syria which destroy everything. I escaped as refugee now.
I don't want you to take my contact to you as a problem and give any assistance to complete the project to your possession.
Please can read more on this link:
I want you to asist me secure USD6,300,000 to your possession for investment in your country . kindly contact me back via email and I will give you more details.
Contact email:

Mr.Khaled Rateb

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